Berk Cashmere

Adele Cable Hat II - 3 Ply

£90 incl. VAT
£75 excl. VAT

Berk cashmere has a touch and feel beyond compare; soft, tactile, sensuous, lustrous. Each hand-finished piece is made in a time honoured manner. 

This luxurious airy, light 3-ply hat is a masterpiece made in 48 processes from the very finest cashmere. Its has a central allover raised cable. Perfect for the city of the mountains.

• Casual style, relaxed and refined.
• Cabled with ribbed border.                                                         

• Made using only the finest hand combed 3 ply cashmere
• Fibre length 34 - 38 mm, fibre diameter 14.5 microns
• Made in Scotland

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