From our boutiques in London and New York we have sold more Ballantyne Cashmere than any other retailer in the worldPlease note, as of 2014, Ballantyne Cashmere is no more. The real company closed its doors and the real brand is no more. Please beware of a range carrying the name which is mass produced in China.
If you are used to buying and wearing authentic Ballantyne cashmere you will appreciate our latest range of knitwear which is designed to our exacting standards and which was historically sold under our ‘Ballantyne for Berk’ label. 
Real cashmere is art. We use forty-eight hand processes from start of knitting to finishing our products to make "Berk cashmere". We knit each garment under tension typically using thirty per cent more cashmere yarn to reduce "pilling"; process of small balls or "pills" building up on the surface of your garment as it is worn and used.
Our process of fully fashioning means that each garment is 'knitted to shape' as opposed to 'cut to shape'. Every garment is hand-linked, cupped and seamed and pre-shrunk; a time consuming process which guarantees the shape of the garment over time.
Finally, the garments are washed in pH neutral purified water to produce our special Bare Finish®. The result is tightly knitted cashmere knitwear with a lustrous touch which is beyond compare and entirely made in Scotland.