Berk Cashmere

Pullman Cashmere Vee Neck 1 ply

£480 incl. VAT
£400 excl. VAT

This 1 ply pure cashmere pullover is tightly knitted, washed with soft, pH neutral water, steamed and pre shrunk to create the unmistakable peachy feel of Berk cashmere. For over 60 years Berk 'Bare Finish™' cashmere has been unparalleled in luxury, warmth, durability and classic style. It transcends seasons and embodies simple, timeless luxury.

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 Composition: 100% Pure Cashmere

  • The finest hand combed cashmere
  • Scottish spun, yarn dyed cashmere
  • Fibre length 34 - 38 mm, fibre diameter 14.5 microns
  • Berk Classic Shape
  • Fully fashioned, knitted to shape
  • Ribbed neckline, and border  
  • Inset sleeve and rolled cuff
  • Made in Scotland

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