Berk Cashmere

BERK Meghan 6 Ply

£675 incl. VAT
£562.50 excl. VAT
All Berk Cashmere is tightly knitted which is why it is so special. Berk cashmere has a touch and feel beyond compare; soft, tactile, sensuous, lustrous and infused with soft Scottish water, each hand-finished piece is made in Scotland.

'Meghan' is a luxurious six-ply, 'boyfriend' sweater. It is a masterpiece of knitting made in an allover ‘seed’ stitch in 48 processes from the very finest cashmere in true Scottish tradition. Order one or two sizes bigger for the 'boyfriend' look or your bust size for a regular fit.

• Classic Cut
• High neckline, fitted sleeves.
• Composition: 100% cashmere
• Made using only the finest hand combed cashmere
• Fiber length 34 - 38 mm, fiber diameter 14.5 microns
• Made in Scotland

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