Berk Cashmere

BERK-Elsa Long Jacket 2 Ply

£666.98 £720
incl. VAT
£555.82 excl. VAT

All Berk Cashmere is tightly knitted which is why it is so special. Berk cashmere has a touch and feel beyond compare; soft, tactile, sensuous, lustrous and infused with soft Scottish water. Each hand-finished piece is made in Scotland.

This 2-ply knited coat is new for 2018. It is a magnificent example of plain and brocade knitting. In return for our investment of time and care in the knitting and washing process you get a touch and feel unlike any other cashmere.
We call it 'Bare Finish Cashmere™".

• Classic Cut
• Plain knit with a brocade placket, pockets, cuff, neck and hem 
• Composition: 100% Cashmere
• Made using only the finest hand combed cashmere
• Fiber length 34 - 38 mm, fiber diameter 14.5 microns
• Made in Scotland

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