Berk Cashmere

Hepburn Crew 1 ply cashmere

£329.28 incl. VAT
£274.40 excl. VAT

The Hepburn sweater has the discreet elegance of a classic cashmere crew-neck sweater. The garment offers regular proportions in both the bust and down the sleeves. There is a two and a half inch cuff and skirt to the waist and a three quarter inch trim to the neck. It is tightly knitted and has a soft, tactile, sensuous, lustrous feel created with soft Scottish water. 

  • Classic generous proportions
  • Ribbed neck-line, 2½ skirt and cuff
  • Composition: 100% Scottish cashmere
  • Made using the finest hand combed cashmere
  • Fiber length 34-38mm, fiber diameter 14.5 microns
  • Made in Scotland

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